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Invited to dinner with God.

I love a good party — especially hosting a good party.

Over this past Thanksgiving holiday, I hosted a few friends at my piano studio for my first-ever Friendsgiving dinner and it was an! Hilariously enough, the highlight of the menu ended up being this perfect, smoky gouda cheese served with apples and salted rosemary crackers — and we still talk about that gouda!

Yet while I love hosting a great dinner party, there’s also something really special about being on the receiving end of the invitation. On the other hand, there has to be some kind of a relationship or desire for a relationship between the host and the guest for a dinner invitation to be extended.

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What it means to be known & chosen by God.

Do you ever feel the need to be chosen?

Not necessarily for what you do, what you can do, what your job description is, what your social media following looks like, what your pedigree is, or what your experience is — but simply for who you are.
We want to be known for who we are, we desire to be chosen for who we are. But what we must understand, remember, and live for is the fact that we are known by the one who holds all power in heaven and earth; we are chosen by the one who is higher than all other things, principalities, powers, and humans.

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